Yamaha TW200 Review

If you want an enduro bike with a quirky vintage look and you aren’t worried about high-tech features, the Yamaha TW200 is worth considering. It has decent power for its size (a 200cc air-cooled single) and can be upgraded to carry munchies on long excursions if necessary.

It’s not particularly pretty, but most people who ride them say they are great fun!

The Engine

The engine is easy to work on yourself; it’s relatively economical than many other bikes in this class. It’s more comfortable than similar bikes because it has a rather long wheelbase. It has a reputation for being reliable and easy to work on yourself if necessary.

The Chassis

The steel frame is tough and capable of carrying a fair amount of gear if you need to be self-sufficient or just plain eccentric.

The seat height is fairly low at 25 inches, making it easier for petite riders to handle. Also, the relatively long wheelbase helps keep the bike stable in hard braking or cornering situations.

The Brakes and Suspension

The front and rear disc brakes are sufficient for most riders’ needs. However, if you need a lot of stopping power, the combined braking system (front and rear discs) on the newer models makes it difficult to lock up the wheels due to uneven wear from one disc being more worn than the other.

The rear suspension is a relatively simple but effective single shock. It’s not as sophisticated as other bikes in this class, but it gets the job done fairly well.

The Wheels and Tires

These elements make the TW200 truly unique among enduro or dual-purpose machines. They’re 26-inch wheels three times the diameter of an automobile tire! The result is a ride that seems more like driving around on four-by-four than riding dirt.


The TW200 is an excellent bike for the beginning rider who wants to get away from traffic jams without spending a lot of money.

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