Reasons Behind Legalization of Lane Splitting

You may have noticed that as you drive in heavy, slow-moving traffic, some riders or motorcyclists overtake the cars in the traffic using the space between two lanes on the road. The main reason riders do lane splitting is because they don’t want to be kept long in the traffic. So, why is lane splitting legal, yet the motorcyclist is not using a single lane as it should be traditionally?

This article explains why lane splitting is legal in some countries, so keep reading-

It is Safe

According to the University of California’s study, motorcyclists are safer when lane splitting than following a lane in slow-moving traffic. A rider who is pursuing other vehicles in a single lane during heavy traffic is in more danger of being knocked down than a lane-splitting motorcyclist.

Lane Splitting Reduces Congestion on the Roads, thus Saving Time

As motorcyclists maneuver between vehicles in heavy traffic, they give space for other cars. As a motorist, you are likely to be stuck in heavy traffic for a long time if the motorcyclists are not allowed to lane split since the riders will occupy much space that other vehicles would have occupied. Contrary to this, you will likely spend just a few minutes in traffic if the motorcyclists are allowed to lane split. This is the reason why some countries have legalized lane splitting to save time.

Lane Splitting Reduces the Emission of Carbon into the Atmosphere

In an effort to safeguard the environment and the atmosphere, some countries have legalized lane slitting. Scientists and other researchers have noted that the rate of carbon release is at a standstill, heavy traffic is high than on smoothly running traffic.


Precisely, since lane splitting is legal in some states like California, Hawaii, Arizona, Utah, Connecticut, Washington, Oregon, and Virginia, motorcyclists should always take the necessary precautions to avoid the occurrence of any accidents.

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