When Did Yamaha Start Fuel Injection on Its Motorcycles?

When did Yamaha start fuel injection on its motorcycles? Whether you ride the YZ450F, XT250, or XV1600A, you probably have questions about the fuel injection system. In this article we’ll explain the process of installing a fuel injection system, and what benefits it can bring to your bike. Yamaha first began using fuel injection on their motorcycles in 1982 on the XJ750D (#1).


When did Yamaha start fuel injection on the yz450f? The answer to this question might surprise you. Yamaha is further into the digital era than any other manufacturer. The new YZ450F features a mixture of hardware and software to improve performance. Its smartphone EFI tuning system and new gear ratios all contribute to the bike’s increased performance. And, there are numerous changes to the suspension and brake systems to further improve performance.


When Yamaha started fuel injection, the YZF-R7 was a new type of motorcycle. Its 750cc displacement and fuel injection system gave it the power to dominate Superbike World Championships and endurance races. Although the YZF-R7 was only produced in small numbers, it was considered the company’s most advanced production motorcycle, with a number of notable innovations.


The WR250R and XT250 are two great motorcycles that benefited from the addition of fuel injection. Both bikes were designed to attract both new and returning riders to the sport. The WR250R featured fully adjustable suspension and USD forks. Yamaha marketed the XT250 as “Serrow” in the U.S., and some riders said it was like the WR250 on steroids.


The fuel injection system in the Yamaha XV1600A allows the bike to run at a higher RPM than its predecessor. The engine also features a semi-dry-sump design, which means that most of the oil is contained within the crankcase and a small amount is placed above the final output shaft. The result is a motorcycle that is able to idle in fifth gear and accelerate eagerly from low speeds. The motorcycle is capable of producing up to 99 foot-pounds of torque.


The earliest fuel-injected motorcycle was the 1982 Yamaha XJ750D. The system took data from a variety of engine parameters to calculate the optimum amount of fuel to be injected into the cylinder. This helped improve the bike’s response, fuel efficiency, and engine start-up time. The Yamaha system was subsequently complemented by an oxygen feedback control and a three-way catalytic converter to produce cleaner exhaust emissions.

1993 GTS1000

The 1993 GTS1000 is an advanced-technology motorcycle. Yamaha intended it to be a corporate techno flagship. It boasted ABS, fuel injection, a catalytic converter, and an ultra-low, omega-shaped main frame. The front end was also a unique design that was patented by James Parker, and the motorcycle’s designer has been busy designing a new version. It also remains in discussions with another maker about using the design in a future model.

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