5 Key Gears That Are a Must for Every Motorcycle Rider

Motorcycle or bike is one of the most popular used means of transport in the world. It is flexible, faster, and less expensive in purchase, fuel management, and maintenance.

People use it for different reasons such as-

  • Sporting
  • Going to work as it is more convenient than cars
  • Leisure/fun
  • For business, i.e., as a taxi

 It is hazardous to the person riding it despite being enjoyable to ride, especially if they are not inappropriate gear/attire. 

The following are 5 crucial gears to wear when riding a motorcycle:


It is the essential riding gear. Most motorcycle accidents impact the face, chin, and head; hence wearing a full-face helmet protects the head and brain from injuries. Helmets also protect the rider from bugs, dust, and wind that may cause distractions leading to accidents.

02.Motorcycle Jacket

Motorcycle jackets are mostly made of leather or unique fabrics with substantial zips, pockets, and higher collars to protect the rider in case of an accident. They also keep riders warm in the cool weather. The impact of skin injuries is less when wearing the jacket than without it.

03.Riding Gloves

Gloves protect phalanges and carpals bones from breaking in case of accidents. They also help the rider maintain a good grip, especially when sweating and keep hands warms in cold weather.

04.Motorcycle Boots

Boots are the most neglected gears by riders. They protect the ankles and small bones in your feet in case of an accident. They also keep the feet warm and provide excellent traction.

05.Riding pants

Motorcycle pants offer protection to the skin from injuries. They also make the rider comfortable by allowing the legs to move freely without any locking up mid-movements. They are also waterproof to protect riders from rain.

Motorcycling sometimes can be very dangerous. Next time you decide to go for a ride, please ensure you have those protective gears for safety.

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