What to Wear When Riding a Motorcycle in Summer

Wearing full leathers while riding a motorcycle during hot weather may sound the most responsible thing to do. However, responsible and practical don’t always go hand in hand. Yes, they can help reduce the risk of serious injury. Then again, believe it or not, wearing them in humid conditions could increase the chances of us falling off our bikes in the first place. So, how do we decide what to wear when riding a motorcycle in the summer?

Weighing Up the Risks

The danger of wearing full leathers in hot weather is they can often cause dehydration. Dehydration on its own is dangerous enough. Experiencing it while riding a motorcycle could prove fatal.

Even minimal drops in dehydration can cause extreme loss of cognitive function, such as the ability to make quick and precise decisions. A motorcyclist may also experience hand-to-eye coordination impairment due to dehydration–not ideal when you’re navigating the highway at high speed.

Choosing What to Wear When Riding a Motorcycle in the Summer

Base Layers.

These are ideal for keeping bikers warm in the winter and cool in the summer. They work by dispersing the moisture or sweat from the body, resulting in a cooler, more comfortable ride.

Mesh Jackets

The precisely placed inserts in the jackets allow fresh, cool air to flow inside and across the body to drastically reduce the risk of dehydration. Further perforation found in the interior of some jackets helps to eliminate sweat and moisture.

Evaporative Cooling Vests

After initially being soaked in water, the vests quickly absorb the liquid and, when worn, slowly release it over several hours, providing a cooling effect. Heat is drawn away from the body as the hot air causes the water in the vest to evaporate.

Neck Wrap

In addition to vests, you could add an evaporative cooling neck wrap. They work in the same way as the vests and provide a cooling sensation in a particularly sweaty area of the body.


Motorcycling should be both an enjoyable and comfortable experience. High temperatures shouldn’t dent your enthusiasm. By choosing the right motorcycling apparel, you can accelerate down the highway without worrying about the effects of dehydration while remaining safe at all times.

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