What Size Motorcycle Do I Need?

Knowing the right motorcycle size will be your first consideration if you are about to buy a new or used motorcycle. What size of the motorcycle do I need?

This article gives you five tips on the size of the motorcycle you need-

1. Know Your Height Requirement

Stand up straight in front of a wall without shoes and mark the top of your head. Have someone measure from the floor to that point on your head with a tape measure.

Use this measurement and check it against the bike size requirement. If you are between two sizes, go for the larger one as it will be easier to handle and control at a slow speed.

2. Know Your Body Type

Taller people need more support than shorter individuals because they are more top-heavy. Find the right size for your body by looking at features such as the seat height, reach to the controls, wheelbase distance from the front wheel to the rear wheel, and length of the rider foot pegs that your feet hit when operating.

3. Know Your Purpose

If you want a touring motorcycle, you will need more capacity because these motorcycles tend to be big and easier to maneuver.

If your purpose is to ride a sportbike, you want something more agile and easy to handle in tight spaces.

4. Know Your Needs And Preferences

If you need to carry heavy loads, you will prefer a motorcycle with a long wheelbase and low center of gravity for improved weight distribution.

If you are after a motorcycle for pleasure, it should have a shorter wheelbase and sit lower to the ground. This makes it easier to maneuver than touring models.

5. Know How Much Power Is Available

Bigger people need more support from their motorcycles because they are top-heavy, which means a greater distance between their upper and lower bodies when sitting on a bike. Bigger bikes will provide more support.

Final Thoughts

If you are planning to get a motorcycle, and you have less information about it. Use the above guide to help you in choosing the correct size of your bike.

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