What is the Rope Hanging From Motorcycle Handlebars?

Biker whips are a tradition from the 1970’s, when bikers wore them to control aggressive dogs. Not only did they serve this practical purpose, they were also a great show of style. They stand out and attract the attention of different drivers. You can choose a whip in a color that matches your bike or motorcycle’s paint job. As a biker, you face a genuine risk from the other vehicle on the road, so make sure you have a whip that will stand out from the crowd.

Get-Back Whips

While get-back whips are not weapons, they do draw the attention of other motorists. They’re generally made of braided leather and have a snap at the end. The length of the whip varies from 24 to 48 inches. A cyclist hangs the whip from the clutch lever on the motorcycle’s handlebars. The rope can be used to strike a motorist.

Gremlin bell

A gremlin bell is a great deterrent for gremlins that can lurk on the road. The low-hanging bell should be the first thing a gremlin will come into contact with when attempting to steal a bike. You can attach it to your motorcycle with zip-ties or safety wire, but the latter can cause the bell to rust.

Monkey fist

If you want a lightweight and decorative rope to hang from your motorcycle handlebars, you can make one yourself with a monkey fist knot. This rope can double as a weight at one end or even be used as a tether for other items. You can create one with a monkey fist knot by following a simple method. It is important to follow the instructions carefully, however, because the monkey fist requires some practice.

Ball-peen hammer

Motorcycles are often decorated with the rope that hangs from the handlebars. It’s also called the highway bar. Motorcycles with highway bars have a chrome frame that prevents a collision from damaging the engine. Highway bars are also popular with cruiser style motorcycles. The engine case is the clamshell-like shell at the bottom end of the motorcycle. It’s protected by a metal shell called the casing.

Harley-Davidson Wave

The Harley-Davidson motorcycle has a unique design. This motorcycle features a rope that hangs from the motorcycle’s handlebars. Biker’s often give “waves” to other riders as they pass by, which are usually angled to the side and low to the ground. The rope is designed to be easily accessed and released with a forceful yank. The whip is attached to the motorcycle handlebars by a quick-release handle. The fast release handle is rubberized and can be pulled out easily with a single forceful yank.

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