What is a Chopper Motorcycle?

From time to time, when driving on the highway, different motorcycles pass to provide a good site and happiness to the viewers and the riders. The motorcycles come in different sizes and models, with some having other uses and reception among the motorcycle enthusiasts. A common and very popular motorcycle is the chopper motorcycle, known to be unique and raises a lot of attention, especially to onlookers. 

The lengthened motorcycle

The chopper motorcycle is a modified motorcycle with a lengthen fork with unique steering to present a stretched-out view. These motorcycles were established in the 1950s in California after the customization of the existing models. The most famous chopper motorcycles in the United States include the customized Captain America from Harley Davidson and the Billy Bike. The motorcycle’s unique character consists of the stretched arm used by the rider to handle the steering and long frames that ensure the front wheel is quite further from the rider.

Some common characteristic of the chopper motorcycles includes

• Hardtail frame lacking a rear suspension,

• Long front ends that have an extended fork (with an increased rake angle),

• Stretched frames, 

• Tall ape hanger or drag handlebars that are very short,

• Larger front wheels.

To make the chopper motorcycle as beautiful as possible, many aesthetic paintworks are done, and the use of chrome engines is common. These motorcycles have been used in movies like Easy Rider and increased in popularity even outside the United States.


The development of the chopper motorcycles was well received within the rider’s market, increasing the aesthetic appearance and even design of the current motorcycle. Even though the motorcycle is acknowledged to be modified, there are current custom developments of these motorcycles, which have become a brand on their own. 

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