What Does a Power Commander Do?

If you enjoy the thrill of a motorcycle ride and want to improve your power and acceleration, this article is for you. The Power Commander is an electronic device that plugs into your bike’s computer system. It allows for precise adjustments to be made to optimize performance. This post will help you understand what a Power Commander does even with all its bells and whistles.

What Is the Power Commander?

The Power Commander is an adjustable power management system for carbureted motorcycles. It isn’t necessary for fuel-injected bikes, but it can still be used if desired. This device allows you to adjust how hard your bike’s engine works with your throttle position.

You can also change how much fuel the machine uses to make power for you. It does all of this by taking the engine’s stock signals and sending them through an adjustable microprocessor.

Adjustable Functions

There are several factors that the Power Commander regulates, including Ignition timing; Carburetor timing; Throttle position settings; Electronic fuel delivery settings (including a map); Long term fuel trim adjustments (in 1/2 point increments)

The Power Commander acts as an enhancement so that you can keep riding with the same skills and control. As you might have guessed by now, there are several ways the Power Commander can be used. Since it’s so customizable, riders choose what they want their bike to do or how hard they want it to work for them.

The power commander is a control that allows you to adjust how your bike responds with throttle input. It also lets you change when and how much fuel reaches the engine, which can help save gas money over time. If you’re interested in saving on driving costs while still getting plenty of speed from your motorcycle or scooter, then this accessory might be right for you. We hope you’ve enjoyed getting a peek into the world of motorcycle engineering.

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