What are Motorcycle Fairings?

What is a motorcycle fairing? In simple terms, the carcass is generally placed on top of the motorcycle tire to reduce air resistance. Fairings are usually fitted on racing motorcycles and protect riders from wind and engine hazards in an accident. But the Batwing versions are for larger touring models. Fairing is a term that was first used in aircraft aerodynamics about smooth airflow. However, the first fully assembled motorcycle fairings were made on the BMW R100RS in 1976.

Why a motorcycle fairing?

One of the reasons fairings are used on motorcycles is that they help reduce fuel consumption by improving aerodynamics, increasing the life of a motorcycle engine. Without aerodynamics, the effects of drag on motorcycle performance are both negative and detrimental over long periods.

What types of fairings are used today?

The first type is an aerodynamic line, which is used primarily to cover the entire body of the motorcycle and is primarily useful, technical, in providing the minimum practicable drag coefficient ratio. Then there is also the litter box fairing with an aeroplane nose which is also helpful in reducing frontal drag. However, this presentation was banned by the FIM from the race due to its instability in the front points.

The dolphin fairing

Another type of fairing is the dolphin fairing, also known for its aerodynamic front fender and its windshield that resembles the beaks of dolphins. These have been used since the time the garbage flow was blocked.


Then there is the full fairing that covers all parts of the motorcycle body, unlike other forms of fairing that only cover the front parts with all other parts exposed.

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