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Tracki GPS tracker is a compact, tiny and powerful GPS tracking device made by the Florida-based company It features GSM/GPRS, SOS button (optional), IPX6 waterproof design, built-in rechargeable battery, motion detection function and long standby up to 6 months. It shows location details and sends email alerts when an alarm condition has been triggered.

Significant Features of Tracki GPS Tracker

Tracki 2022 model 4G LTE Mini GPS Tracker magnetic. Unlimited distance US & worldwide. For Vehicles, Car, Kids, Elderly, Dogs, Motorcycle. Small Portable real time Tracking Device. Subscription needed

Waterproof and Durable Housing

They have been designed using strong polycarbonate material to improve their sturdiness. This makes Tracki GPS devices reliable and resistant to accidental drops or bumps, thereby improving longevity. You can use Tracki GPS devices in rough conditions where a lot of moisture is present.

Enhanced Battery Life

These devices offer an impressive standby time of 4-6 weeks. It lasts many days at a stretch without changing its batteries. The need to frequently change the battery can be pretty annoying. With Tracki trackers, this problem is taken care of.

If you misplace an item, you have to wait for several hours until its battery dies down enough for the signal from it to disappear. This may mean that you will have no way of tracking it until then.

Longer Range And Network Compatibility

With an optimal range of 100 meters, these trackers send signals through the GSM network. This network is widely used worldwide by telecom networks providers and is one of the fastest-growing networks. These tracking devices also support lower frequency bands like CDMA and TDMA. It gives them access to low-cost international calling plans even while you are outside your home country.

Enhanced Remote Control Functionality

As far as the functionalities go, these tracking devices do not compromise. It offers even more advanced features than those offered by similar products.

Some reviewers claim that the Tracki app doesn’t have many valuable features. Except for the GPS tracking or live map that shows a complete picture of your surroundings on their screens. They get disappointed that they cannot use more of its features since they do not have multiple devices.

Extremely Affordable Pricing

While other companies charge a fortune for basic features, Tracki offers them prices that you will not find anywhere else. With essential qualities like real-time GPS tracking, text alerts, geotagging etc., it is available in a starting price range of $25 to $50.

Although some reviewers claim that Tracki is a bit expensive compared to similar tracking devices on the market today, we don’t think much of concern.

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Compatibility of Tracki GPS Tracker with Different Motorcycles

Tracking devices come in all shapes and sizes- depending upon what function they need to perform, each having its own set of advantages and disadvantages. The most commonly used tracking devices include car trackers, personal GPS trackers, mobile phone GPS trackers etc. Tracki GPS offers an affordable range of tracking devices to different motorcycles.

Tracki GPS tracker is compatible with nearly all motorcycles, including the following:

1. Harley

2. Indian

3. Kawasaki

4. BMW

5. Suzuki

6. Triumph

7. Honda

8. KTM

9. Ducati

10. Yamaha

11. Royal Enfield, etc.

The motorcycle model should not have gas greater than half a tank for this device to work correctly.

Summing Up

This tracker is quite a solid option for the price. It offers essential functions, such as live tracking and safety alerts. It is easy to use and install. If you don’t need additional features, this could be the right choice for you. Tracki GPS Tracker works on both Android and iPhone. This tracker comes with a free handset.

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