Suzuki TU250x Review

Let’s look at a great single cylinder bike that comes packed with big fun and lots of speed. The SUZUKI TU250x proves that you can still have fun with a smaller type of motorcycle! Complete with a smooth engine and classic lines, this motorcycle is ideal for the smaller riders who want a great ride or for someone who wants an excellent bike to stroll around town on. If you are a new rider and want something cheap, the SUZUKI TU250x is the motorcycle for you!

The TU250x is backed up by a thumping 249 cc single-cylinder engine that is air-cooled. What is even more exciting about this bike is that it is fuel injected with an electric start. What a pleasant thing to have for a classic motorcycle, right? With the Suzuki TU250x, you won’t have to fool around with chokes and Kickstarters as much.

Product Features

A good thing that single’s tend to have is a good amount of torque for their size. The Suzuki TU250x puts out 14 hp and the bike torque will peak at 11.3 feet per pound. For a motorcycle that weighs 326 pounds, that is not that bad. Simply put, this bike is great for beginner riders out there. Furthermore, this Suzuki TU250x screams to be transformed into a cool scrambler street bike! A scrambler is basically just a fancy word for a street bike that has been carefully modified in order to allow it to be more capable off-road.

If you decide to replace the street tires of the bike with semi-knobby tires, this will work well on dirt roads, being that you tweak the suspension somewhat. Talk about a great dual sport bike!


The Pros:

Single-cylinder engine;

The Cons:

Somewhat under powered;
Not the best for freeway;


The Suzuki TU250x motorcycle is one of the best buys in the 250 class of bikes. If you are searching for a motorcycle that has a classic look, you should check out the Suzuki TU250x.

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