Suzuki GS500F Review

Suzuki is a company best known for motorcycles. They make various models for different riders, from the recent GSR 50 to the fan-favorite GS500F. The latter is built for more experienced riders who want something more powerful as their primary mode of transport. This article will give a review of the Suzuki GS500F.


The GS500F is a liquid-cooled motorcycle with an estimated horsepower of 51 hp. It is not much for those used to motorcycles like the Ducati Monster or Kawasaki ZX10R. However, it should be noted that it weighs roughly half as much as either of those. It is also fitted with a four-speed transmission that provides smooth shifting and easy gear changes.

Fuel economy

The small engine means that fuel economy is not a feature to be considered, but when a motorcycle is this fast, it should be noted that the average fuel consumption should be reasonably low. As a result, GS500F owners should not expect to travel for long distances on one tank of fuel – only about 90 miles on average. If driven hard for long periods, however, it is possible (depending on the weather conditions) to make use of the bike’s full potential.

Chassis and Handling

The Suzuki GS500F chassis is one of the best available in its class. It has a shallow center of gravity, allowing the rider to maneuver easily. In addition, it has a rear suspension meaning that it does not wallow around when going over bumps, and the comprehensive front profile helps the bike hug the road nicely.

The Suzuki GS500F is an excellent motorcycle with a fantastic engine. It has a shallow center of gravity, and it handles very well while hugging the road. The 4-speed transmission makes it very easy to use, and the suspension system makes riding over rough terrain much easier on both rider and motorcycle alike. It should be noted that this bike is not suited for long-distance trips; however, for those looking for something more potent than a scooter or cruiser, this is a perfect choice.

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