Suzuki DR200SE Review

In the world of sports scooters, the Suzuki DR200SE is, without a doubt, considered one of the best models. It has all it takes to be a top contender in this crowded marketplace. This article will provide an overview of what makes this model such a great entry-level sports bike for an individual looking for a new vehicle.


The body of the DR200SE sports has a striking blue paint job that will have everyone looking to get their hands on this fantastic sports bike. In addition, it is made from a light yet durable aluminum alloy, allowing for easy handling and maneuverability through the streets while at the same time adding an extra sense of elegance to this already appealing model.


The Suzuki DR200SE measures around 28 inches for its seat height, with its overall length being 70 inches. Its width is 32 inches, while its wheelbase is 57 inches. The wheel size is 17 inches. This sports bike weighs around 245 pounds with fuel, so it is considered a lightweight among other similar models in sports bikes and scooters.


The engine of the DR 200SE is a 6-speed two-stroke engine that puts out around 30 horsepower. It runs on unleaded fuel, and because it is a two-stroke, it delivers an increased level of torque, meaning that the bike accelerates rather quickly through the streets. It also has a quick response to electric start.


The DR200SE has a disc brake in the rear that will stop this model with ease. It is a great feature to have on a motorcycle, especially one that’s not accustomed to being ridden on the streets, making this great sports bike an excellent choice for those times when you need to go out and get your fill of fresh air.


If you are looking to find a great sports bike that can easily be modified and used for a wide variety of purposes, the Suzuki DR200SE is a perfect choice. It is nimble and quick, all while offering an increased sense of luxury. Many other features make this sports bike a top contender in this particular industry.

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