Road King vs Electra Glide – Key Differences Explained

The Harley Davidson Road King was released in 1998. It has proved to be a popular bike with its classic styling and the powerful 100ci V-Twin engine. Harley Davidson Electra Glide, on the other hand, was produced for 24 years, from 1979 until 2003, when it got upgraded into the current version that is still being sold today.

Although both bikes are cruisers, there are some substantial differences between them.

We set a comparative study between these two (Road King vs Electra Glide), and the following are the key findings:

#01 Number of cylinders

Road King has an 8-cylinder engine, while Electra glide has a 6-cylinder engine. Engine power
Road king has a more powerful engine, with around 100 horsepower, while Electra glide has three horsepower.

#02 Fuel economy

Electra glide doesn’t have enough power. It uses about 32 mpg during highway travel and 24mpg in city drive. In contrast, Road King can turn kilometers into miles on the freeway with an average speed of 112 mpg.

#03 Front suspension

Road king’s front wheel suspension is more reliable than Electra glide because it has a better shock-absorbing system. Road King has a similar front suspension to Harley Davidson Super Glide because its design favors heavy loads and rough conditions. Electra Glide only offers two shocks per wheel, like some from the chopper series.

#04 Size of the fuel tank

Road King has a much larger fuel tank than an Electra glide. However, it’s unhealthy to carry excess fuel in your tank because oxygen is no longer used. Riding becomes very sluggish as airflow into the engine gets restricted due to excessive weight on the bike.

#05 Windshield

There is no windscreen on an Electra glide as opposed to road king’s windshields, most of which are detachable.

#06 Brakes

Brakes on-road king is better equipped than that of Electra glide.


Both the bikes have pros and cons; it depends on what you are looking for. If you prefer comfort overpower, then you should go with Harley Electra glide. For those who want more control, Harley Road king suits you.

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