Questions To Ask When Buying a Used Motorcycle

First-time motorcycle buyers often think that buying a used motorcycle is the best choice. But there are drawbacks to it, especially when you don’t know what you want.

Here are five questions to ask when buying a used motorcycle-

1. The Motorcycle’s Maintenance History

Ask the owner if they have maintained the bike well and had it checked out regularly by a certified mechanic. They should allow you to see both maintenance records and receipts of what they have done to keep your future purchase running smoothly.

2. The Motorcycle’s Condition

Question the owner on how long they have ridden their machine and any significant problems during riding. Bikes are machines, and they will wear out over time. The previous owner may have abused them.

Check for any damage, such as engine problems or leaky parts. Look for rust on body parts, especially near water sources such as radiator fins. Test all working features to see if there are any quirks that you should know.

3. The Motorcycle’s History

Ask when the bike was manufactured, where they purchased it, and how many owners there have been since then. Remember if the bike is from another country, tools for adjusting or working on specific components or parts do not exist in all countries or states. So you may have to do some additional research about the bike before purchasing it.

4. The Price

Negotiate the price of the motorcycle first. Take your time reading and researching whether or not the used motorcycle is worth what they are asking for it. You can even request another mechanic’s opinion if possible.

5. Check the Mileage.

You should know the mileage of a used bike before you buy it. Some bikes do not have odometers, so the owner can sometimes be dishonest about how many miles they have accumulated.

Summing Up

Before you make a purchase, ensure you inspect the used motorcycle thoroughly. Ask for help from someone you trust and who knows how to check out a good bike to do it for you.

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