Purple Motorcycle Helmet – Best Fashion & Safety in 2022

If you’ve ever been on a bike and noticed a purple color motorcycle helmet, you’re not alone. While many bikers may think purple is out of style, there are many reasons for this trend. From a fashion statement to an environmentally friendly way to protect yourself, there are many reasons to consider purchasing a purple helmet. If you’re looking for a new one, the following best purple motorcycle helmets are a good source.

SaleBestseller No. 1
Typhoon TH158 Adult Modular Motorcycle Helmet DOT Dual Visor Full Face Flip-up - Purple Medium
  • Meets the DOT standard (FMVSS218); We ensure that the helmets we sell meet the DOT standard by having them tested regularly at an independent test facility
  • Smooth opening and closing with easy to actuate button; Retractable tinted sun visor
  • Advanced front flow ventilation system with channels for maximum venting and comfort
  • PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE measure for size before you place your order and use our SIZE CHART (Circumference of the largest part of your head, usually just above the eyebrows) in inches SMALL: 21 ½ to 22 - MEDIUM: 22 to 22 ½ - LARGE: 22 ½ to 23 - XL: 23 to 23 ½ - XXL: 23 ½ to 24. Head shapes can affect how a helmet fits. The size chart is meant to be a starting point. No two helmet brands fit the same so the best way to get the right size is to measure and select your size from our size chart
  • Unlike most online sellers we allow you to exchange your purchase for a different size or color. Just return your purchase to us at your expense and we'll send your exchange at no charge to you. Please be aware that if you return this item for a refund your order will be refunded less the original shipping charges.
Bestseller No. 2
Typhoon Adult Full Face Motorcycle Helmet w/drop down sun shield DOT Certified - SAME DAY SHIPPING (Matte Purple, Small)
  • Full face motorcycle helmet with drop down tinted sunshield, flip-up face shield, removable chin skirt, durable matte finish
  • Meets the DOT standard (FMVSS218); We ensure that the helmets we sell meet the DOT standard by having them tested regularly at an independent test facility
  • Quick release strap; Removable and washable liner
  • Please be aware that if you return this item for a refund your order will be refunded less the original shipping charges.
  • IT'S IMPORTANT TO MEASURE & CHECK YOUR SIZE BEFORE ORDERING because each manufacturer can have different sizing (Circumference of the largest part of your head, usually just above the eyebrows) in inches X-Small: 21 to 21 1/2 - SMALL: 21 ½ to 22 - MEDIUM: 22 to 22 ½ - LARGE: 22 ½ to 23 - XL: 23 to 23 ½ - XXL: 23 ½ to 24 Do not pull the tape (or string) tight, leave a little slack. If you measure at the top of a size consider ordering the next larger size.
Bestseller No. 3
DOPORA Adult Full Face Motorcycle Helmet for Men and Women DOT Approved Flip up Modular Motorcycle Helmet Motorbike Moped Street Bike Racing Crash Helmet with Graphic,Pink purple,M 54~56cm
  • Full Face Motorcycle Helmet SHELL use Lightweight advanced Taiwan Chimei 709sABS, impact and low temperature resistance shell,Lightweight, durable thermoplastic shell
  • Motorcycle Helmet Full Face with AIR DIVERSION SYSTEM,Mouth vent & Top vent & Tail air outlet Air intake and exhaust scoops for controlled air flow Adjustable ventilation to replace the air in the helmet, Refreshing ride, The helmet has smooth lines, greatly reduced wind resistance, can achieve a perfect fit and compact size, and multiple ventilation holes can make Keep the helmet lining dry.
  • The adult helmet INNER LINING IS REMOVABLE: 3D curve design stylish and comfortable the lining is very soft, has the function of preventing peculiar smell, and has fillings, which is especially suitable for your own head shape, easy to clean and keep the inside of the helmet clean.
  • Dual Sport Helmet Allows for Street and Off-Road Use, The full face helmet has a DOUBLE-LAYER SUN VISOR & FLIP LOCK DESIGN to prevent the opening and closing of bumpy road sections and better protect your safety; Double sunshade lens which can better isolate the sunlight and night glare.
  • DOT/ECE safety standard, ECE/DOT emblem is on the back of helmet and the certificate can be provided if you need so you can buy and use it with confidence. Retro-style full face helmets for men and women are suitable for driving off-road motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, racing cars, cruisers, etc. Wearing a complete, safe and comfortable helmet will enhance your driving pleasure. Full-face helmets are available in various sizes, suitable for most men and women.
Bestseller No. 4
Motocross Helmet Fashion Youth Dirt Bike Helmet Unisex-Adult ATV Off-Road Mountain Bike Motorcycle Red Helmet DOT Approved (Purple-S)
  • ★Size: S size 55-56CM, M size 57-58CM, suitable for children 5-8 years old, L size 59-60CM, XL size 61-62CM. Suitable for teenagers
  • ★The ABS lightweight composite shell has balanced mechanical toughness, good dimensional stability and heat resistance, adjustable chin strap (quick release), and is equipped with a comfortable cushion.
  • ★Safety certification: the United States: DOT safety standard certification / providing excellent safety and high-quality technology.
  • ★High-quality polycarbonate ABS + EPS shell, the inner tank is completely removable, easy to clean and comfortable; lightweight and durable
  • ★Suitable for safety protection of various outdoor activities such as motorcycles. Wearing our customized professional motorcycle helmet, you will enjoy driving speed and passionate confidence. Stylish and beautiful helmets are also the best birthday and Christmas gifts for kids
Bestseller No. 5
Daytona Helmets Half Skull Cap Motorcycle Helmet – DOT Approved [Purple Rose] [L]
  • Lightweight, DOT-approved half shell skull helmet meets & exceeds D.O.T. FMVSS 218 safety standards
  • 1/2 shell biker helmet hugs head for a secure, snug fit that provides superior comfort
  • Y-strap lock retention system provides quick-release with sliding adjuster for precise positioning
  • Proper biker headgear & riding gear for safety & comfort on motorcycles, cruisers, scooters & mopeds
  • Moisture-wicking inner liner fabric help keep your head cool and comfortable for warm weather riding

Benefits of Purple Color Helmet

Are helmets in purple colors beneficial to riders? Well, there are several reasons to choose this color. This helmet color increases visibility, making riders more visible to other motorists, but the downside is that the color is also less comfortable in hot weather. For this reason, purple helmets may be too light to be very beneficial to riders. Nevertheless, the benefits of wearing a purple helmet are more than enough to outweigh the negatives.

The primary reason for wearing a purple helmet is that it is more visible. Riders wearing dark-colored helmets are less visible to other motorists. During nighttime, it is especially important to wear a white or light-colored helmet. Wearing a purple helmet, therefore, can ensure your safety. In addition, your helmet will stand out from other drivers. This will make it easier for you to be seen in an accident.

Does Bike Helmet Color Matter?

While it can’t be ignored that the color of a motorcycle helmet provides aesthetic value, it’s also vital to remember that the color has an impact on how safe the helmet is. Motorcycles are significantly smaller than other larger vehicles, such as trucks and buses. They are more difficult to be seen, particularly on a busy route. When you’re out riding your motorbike, make sure you’re dressed in high-visibility clothing so that other drivers can see you more easily.

According to a research cited in the Helmet Manual of WHO, wearing a white color helmet reduces the risk of an accident by 24 percent when compared to wearing a black helmet. According to the findings, lighter-colored helmets assist minimize the likelihood of accidents by 19% when compared to darker helmets.

The study’s authors were careful to point out that because the tests were conducted in New Zealand, their findings may not be applicable to other situations, for instance, in USA. Whatever the case, the study encourages wearing light color helmets for being easier to spot every time – day, low-light, or night.

While more research into the link between color and safety is needed, we may make our decisions based on what science has to say about light and color. Simply explained, the colors we perceive are the result of the interplay between our retina’s photoreceptors and our brain.

Wavelengths of light travel through space, and some wavelengths are more visible to the naked eye than others. Green, yellow, and blue are the easiest colors to see during the day, whereas yellow is the most apparent color at night.

So, answer to the question is yes. It is recommended that you wear a white or brightly colored helmet to be easily visible by other cyclists and vehicle drivers on the road. Source: check here.

What Color Bicycle Helmet Should I Get?

What color bicycle helmet should I get? The most important thing is to stand out, not blend in. Black and white helmets blend in well with most colors, but orange and yellow are more eye-catching and can help you stand out from other cyclists. But before you make your final decision, you must know the advantages and disadvantages of each color. Read on to find out which color is best for you.

Before you decide on a color, consider where you will be riding. You can choose a high-visibility helmet in yellow, orange, or red, depending on the color of your bike. The safety of your child’s helmet depends on how much visibility it has. High-visibility bicycle helmets are especially important in urban areas, where accidents can happen. In addition to being more visible, high-visibility helmets can increase the chance of your child’s safety.

One of the main differences between a black helmet and a white helmet is visibility. White helmets reduce the chance of a car hitting you by 24 percent. The bright white helmets, on the other hand, are less likely to be seen by drivers. So, what color bicycle helmet should I get??? Here are some tips to choose the perfect color bike helmet for your child. Once you know which color suits your child, make sure he or she is wearing a motorcycle helmet with the same color.

Consider the fit. Helmets must fit comfortably, as an ill-fitting helmet may compromise its effectiveness in a crash. For the best fit, you should try on the helmet first, and make sure that it fits properly. The best way to measure your child’s head circumference is to use a flexible tape measure. The tape should fit snugly around the largest part of the head, approximately one inch above the eyebrow line. You can also use a yardstick to get the exact measurement.

High Visibility Helmet vs Low Visibility Helmet

Among the differences between a Low Visibility and a High-Visibility Helmet is the amount of protection they offer. Both types of helmets are suitable for various sports and activities. You can choose between a low-visibility and a high-visibility helmet based on your personal preferences. Read on to discover the key differences between these two types of helmets.

Designed with high-visibility in mind, this full face helmet has a DOT-approved shield and aggressive aerodynamic design. It also features a padded collar to reduce wind noise, internal speaker pockets, and adjustable ventilation system. Despite its low price, this helmet is packed with great features. Whether you’re looking for an entry-level helmet or a higher-end option, the Qualifier Full Face Helmet has all the features you need and is comfortable enough for daily use.

The color of the helmet has a major impact on its heat-absorption capacity. Generally speaking, light colors absorb less heat than dark ones. However, the dark colors can be even worse, as they tend to reflect more heat. A black motorcycle helmet with no vents will tend to draw more heat and make it difficult to ride in the summer. In the end, a high-visibility helmet is better for all kinds of riding.

While both types of motorcycle helmets are extremely protective, they may not be the best option for all riders. Moreover, they can be expensive. But if you want to invest in safety, the fluorescent helmet is a great option. They’re also maintenance-free. Neon helmets are also very visible at a distance. The latter type may be a good alternative for some riders.

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