Progressive Suspension 412 Series Shocks – The Excellence!

Progressive suspension 412 is a series of shocks manufactured for super motorbikes. The shocks in this series differ from each other mainly due to their size, color and suspension type (rear or front). Concerning quality, they are just identical!

Why Buy a 214 Series Shock: Key Reason 

Mounting them to your motorbike provides stiffer suspension, resulting in increased stability. The spring-made Progressive system will allow you to replace the springs when worn. The design will cause a special meaning in ensuring that it tames the vibration while riding. They are simply the best value shock on the market today.

412 Series Shocks – Different Models

As said, 412 is a series of shocks produced in different models – 

one mainly differs from others regarding size, color, suspension type, and compatibility to motorcycles. Instead of putting all their names separately, we think linking you with the entire list is better.

Here you’ll find all the models.


Progressive suspension 412 series shocks include many benefits – compatibility to Harley Davidson Touring or Cruisers and other metric standard motorcycles is one of them. 

The steel-bodied, nitrogen-gas-charged twin shocks are proven to give better rides than other OEM rear shocks. The damping feature ensures efficiency on any road, even when encountering bumps or rocks. To enjoy the extreme off-road experience, you need to have a good quality suspension for your motorcycle.

412 Models – Significant Common Features

High-Quality Springs

A quality spring is needed to maintain the perfect balance of your bike. Progressive suspension 412 has high-quality springs for the best performance of your motorbike. It helps you attain maximum speed without causing adverse risks. The springs’ design increases the cushioning effect on bumpy roads.

If anyone is too heavy for his bike, this progressive suspension 412 can help eliminate the problem. It has unique heavy-duty coil springs, which provide a stiffer spring rate for riders over 250 pounds in weight.

Strut Spacers

Progressive suspension 412 has strut spacers which help reduce stack height by 15% percent. It gives you greater ground clearance while helping keep the tire further inside the fender.


The design is beautiful and fits nicely on a motorcycle. For being ergonomic, it’s easy to use by any user while ensuring comfort when riding. The design gives the rubber to metal contact in the strut. You don’t have to worry about leaks, corrosion, or damage to your lower fork seals. It has a revolutionary seal design that helps prevent oil leakage.

Different Models

The progressive suspension 412 has different models to suit specific body frames and preferences. Each user will have a different riding experience depending on their height, weight, and length of the distance they intend to travel on any bike.

Shock Absorbance

Unique diamond-shaped construction makes it a perfect shock absorber and a super riding comforter. The progressive shock absorbers allow you to adjust ride height by adjusting the existing stroke length. So it becomes versatile when it comes to suspension adjustments making it more flexible than other suspensions available in the market today. Thus it gives the flexibility to change settings according to the terrain or road conditions you are traveling.

Last Words

You will have numerous benefits when you install a 412 series shock on your bike. It will add style and enhance the performance of your motorbike. It is a perfect option for mountain and enduro riding

It has a unique diamond-shaped construction which provides ideal shock absorption and unmatched ride comfort. A long shock lineup of 412 has made it an easy-to-access option for most riders. Last but not least, probably you won’t find any alternative shock at this price range that provides a similar value.

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