Progressive 944 Shocks (Ultra) – A Landmark Series Reviewed

Suspension is a critical part of a motorcycle, helping it keep track of irregularities on the road and provide comfortable rides. US-based Progressive Suspension is quite well-known and one of the top three shock manufacturers worldwide. They produce suspensions for different motorcycles, especially Harley Davidson and Indian. 944 Series shocks exemplify their excellence! 

All 944 shocks are hand-built, well-tuned and dyno’d. Strength, power, absorbance, durability, safety, comfort and value offered by the shocks have simply made the series unbeatable. Here we’ll review the fundamentals of 944 Series shocks.

Different 944 Shocks

944 is a series of high-performance shocks by Progressive Suspension, designed for touring and cruisers of Harley. The series mainly include two sub-divisions: 944 Ultra-Touring and 944 Ultra-Low. 

Ultra-Touring includes three different configurations – Standard Weight, Heavy-duty (250+ lbs.) and Super Heavy Duty (350+ lbs.). On the other hand, Ultra-Low includes two configurations – Standard Weight and Heavy-duty (250+ lbs.). And, the shocks are available in multiple sizes and forms (rear or front suspension).

Progressive 944 Series : All Shocks

944 Ultra Shock Series – Compatibility Motorcycles

Before any motorcycle part is released to the market, the products are pretested to ensure their stability with brands, series, and models of motorcycles. It is essential to shop for quality products perfectly compatible with your motorcycle model. Otherwise, you may use the wrong part, thus endangering yourself and others on the road. Progressive 944 Series shocks are compatible with all motorbikes of the Harley Touring Series, including the Low models.

Significance of Progressive 944 Series Shocks

They Offer Total Control Over the Motorcycle

These shocks can offer secure traction because they can be adjusted to give you proper handling. They have a high-end dampening capability. They absorb all the impact of bumps at low speed and high rates to achieve better traction with the road. You will enjoy going off-road because they absorb shock irregularities in rough terrain and enable your vehicle to cruise easily.

They are Easy to Install

Setting up these shocks is simple. They do not have any tuning requirements, as comes at tuned-conditioned. They take significantly less time compared to the installation of other shock absorbers. With clear instructions from the manual, you don’t require any guide from an expert.

They Perform Well in All Weather Conditions

The progressive 944 shocks absorb road bumps no matter whether you are driving on wet, snow-covered, or uneven roads. They have a good performance regarding handling on any street, and they keep the motorbike stable on any surface. This makes them reliable and convenient shock absorbers.

They are Easily Adjustable

You can easily adjust progressive 944 shocks by simply turning the knob. You can change your motorcycle’s shock absorbers to secure a height that stabilizes in turns and prevents it from bouncing. This makes it very convenient for you in case you want them adjusted during some emergency.

There is No Spring Bind

These shocks are not affected by any structural or operational problems regarding compression bounce or bump steer. You can control the amount of rebound and dampness for each corner by using a coil-over kit. This feature gives you an added advantage because it allows you to use just one shock for all three or four wheels.

They Make Less Noise

These shocks are designed to absorb high impact at low speeds, not to create loud sounds when you drive on rough roads. It improves the longevity and durability of your motorcycle.

Bottom Line

Progressive 944 shocks are worth the money for your Harley Touring, being ahead of most other aftermarket shocks in terms of quality. They are equipped with steel body construction to ensure durability. You do not have to replace them after a short period. They deliver exceptional performance, optimum comfort, and the most secure traction.

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