Ohlins HD 159 Review

The quality of a motorbike’s suspension makes a huge difference between a bumpy and a comfortable ride. If looking forward to upgrading your bike shocks, Ohlins HD 159 shock is the ideal one. Ohlin’s suspension is currently a favorite among the sport bikes segment in the market. The company has long been broadening its range to attract Harley Davidson enthusiasts. Here is an honest Ohlins HD 159 review for you. 

Compatibility with various models

HD 159 Ohlins Shocks for ALL Harley Davidson FLH/FLT Touring Motorcycles 1998-Newer with FREE Preload Settings!

Everyone wishes to get a set compatible with various bike models. Besides, you would not want to spend money only to find out it does not fit well. On compatibility, Ohlins HD can comfortably fit Harley Davidson bikes like street glide, Road King, and Electra Glide. Once the shocks fit well into these models, they comfortably withstand heavy loads, rough temperatures for consistent performance. Ohlin’s spectacular customer care service and qualified personnel can guide you when it comes to compatibility. If you are not sure whether the shocks will fit your bike, it is good to consult to ensure your comfort and smooth ride.   

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HD 159 Ohlins Shocks for ALL Harley Davidson FLH/FLT Touring Motorcycles 1998-Newer with FREE Preload Settings!
  • Ohlins shocks are a pressurized gas and oil shock, no more air loss hassles
  • Ohlins offers a 5 year warranty
  • Ohlins suspension will give you the maximum handling ability of your motorcycle
  • Delivers the best comfort and performance every time you ride
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Crucial features of Ohlins HD 159 

Varying spec levels

The model incorporates some spec levels though most people go with HD 159, which comes as a single tube. The shocks measure 13 inches and are gas-pressurized, consisting of an inbuilt oil reservoir. The reservoir is bolted on the bike to make things easier. Some reviewers say they bolted the reservoir straight to his 2006 Electra Glide.

Great pressure on the shocks

Around the corners, most reviewers say the shocks offer around 55 mph, which makes riding easier. However, any single bump may lead to a wallow which can travel to the bike front. That’s not as bad, though, and improvement can help. But, some people said they encountered issues on the road with consistent bumps where the bike was overwhelmed. The bumps made the bike hard to control and uncomfortable for the rider. With that in mind, if riding on smooth roads, the bike will feel more comfortable than ever.

Adjustable length 

The 159s incorporates adjustable length to make sure they fit a rider’s height. You can easily make adjustments with a knurled knob beneath the shocks. The shocks lack compression damping adjustment, which is a negative to some. However, riders with classy bikes find that unimportant since the bike is too heavy to need such adjustments.

Pressured gas and oil shock

The two components never mix and come as an improvement. Such a feature is there to ensure the stability of the suspender while still minimizing air loss. The feature helps you in achieving total control of the bike. Used and tested over the year, the manufacturer gave it a design resembling a Harley Davidson for a perfect fit.


When it comes to installation, many found it a breeze. One only needs to hold the bike in an upright position. You can use a jack to make sure the wheel never moves to the fender as you remove the shock. You only need to work on about four bolts, and you are done.

Overall, the Ohlins 159 are renowned shocks compared to the competitors. They never reduce the ride’s plushness but boost the damping control to ensure safety. With such units, your touring becomes more pleasant, less fatiguing, and comfortable.

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