Mustang 79006 Super Touring Motorcycle Seat

Investing in the best motorbike seat for a comfortable ride is not only about the looks. As much as you wish to get the sleekest and the stylish bike on the road, functionality, comfort, and durability matter. With that in mind, Mustang 79006 bike seat is the ideal choice considering its performance.

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Compatibility with various motorbike models

You need to invest in a bike seat that will perfectly fit into your bike. This seat is there to fit well into cruising, street bikes, and even touring ones. Some of the bikes compatible with the seat include the Harley Davidson Road King, Tri-Glide, Electra Glide, and Street Glide. The set will work well for riders in love with riding longer miles without feeling any discomfort. Besides, you would not wish to invest in a seat only to find out it fits badly onto your favorite bike. Whichever model you ride, make sure to consult to make sure it is compatible with the seat you intend to buy.

Significant Features of Mustang 79006

Two-piece Design

Being a two-seat model, it means every seat incorporates two seats. One for the driver and the other one for the passenger but are attached. The seat has a studded design with a studded skirt with braids extending beneath the seat. The cover incorporates quality vinyl for a better and improved look.

Behind the driver seat is a passenger one designed to angle forward for better support to the passenger. The back seat couples support wings to make riding fun and comfortable.


The seats come with a vinyl cover, famous for its durability. It also has marine-grade fiberglass on the bike’s base plate. For better performance, the seat incorporates rubber bumpers to help in reducing vibration while on the go. Being vibration-free means the journey becomes smoother and more fun.


Installation is the easiest. The seat comes with a bracket system with the bolts on to make sure the process is faster. You can plug the set below the main saddle with two screws promoting quicker removal. Since the seat stands on a fiber-glass baseplate, unscrewing the bolts is easier. With that in mind, you don’t have to hire professional help for installation since you can do it by yourself.

Wide saddle

The bike’s saddles measure 17 inches meaning you can sit for long with no discomfort. The seat is wider with a deeper front bucket compared to most seats. With the seat, you get enough width ideal for bigger riders. The dense foam makes the seat taller with shorter riders having a longer reach to the surface. Some people find the extra material distracting. However, the material makes sense the more they ride due to the superior bump absorption. You will get enough room between the front and back buckets. The depth of the seats means you will remain in position throughout the journey.

Concluding Remarks

The best motorbike seat needs to be durable, supportive, tough, and comfortable. Mustang 79006 seat is an excellent option for enthusiast riders. If you love hitting the road for hours, you may need this super contoured seat for super support and comfort. Invest in one today and get a taste of how it feels to ride on super seats.

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