Motorcycles are truly a smart landmark in society’s modern automotive development. These amazing two-wheeled inventions descended from what is known as the “safety bicycle”. When it comes to the Indian motorcycles vs Harley Davidson motorcycles, the history gets deep. It was Indian that initially built its official first motorcycle in 1901, followed by Harley-Davidson coming onto the scene in 1903. After this time, these two companies had competed tremendously with one another from the start. 


Who doesn’t love classic motorcycles? They are unique and extraordinary. Comparing Indian motorcycles to Harley-Davidson bikes, we can see that these are two hugely iconic legends of phenomenal motorcycles. The main drive gears on the Indian Chieftain utilize three cams compared to Harley-Davidson’s chain drive with only two cams. The Chieftain also is much easier to start up compared to that of a Harley because of its exhaust cam valve lifters, along with a conventional swing arm and mono-shock rear. 

On the other hand, the classic Harley Street Glide is a very trustworthy and reliable motorcycle too. Complete with lots of creative street swagger and character, the Harley Street Glide has a dominant exterior style, and the modern technology is space-like. The Street Glide’s classic Milwaukee-Eight engine is nothing short of a four-valve, having a smooth 45 degree V-Twin spread with 107 cubic- inches. The excellent braking system also gives simultaneous operation to this powerful bike with a quality foot pedal provided. Overall, Harley-Davidson surely delivers nothing but the best in modern motorcycles.

Comparing the two, we can see that:

  •  The Indian company successfully started selling its motorcycles to the public in 1902.
  •  Friends William Harley and brothers Arthur and Walter Davidson finally sold a motorcycle in 1903, after several unsuccessful starts.
  • Harley-Davidson bikes are proven to be very reliable and trustworthy.
  • The Indian Chieftain uses three cams instead of two.
  • Harley utilizes the classic Milwaukee-Eight engine.
  • Indian utilizes conventional Swing Arms.

All in all, both Harley-Davidson and Indian bikes are classic works of art in the motorcycle world. They bring classic design, quality frames, and smiles from many people all over.

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