How to Wire Turn Signals On A Motorcycle

Turn signals are long levers, which, when moved, cause a light on either the right or left side of a motorcycle to flash. 

It is not easy to define how to wire turn signals on a motorcycle; however, let’s discuss the importance of turn signals on a bike.

Importance Of Turn Signals In A Motorcycle

Turn signals on a motorcycle make it easy for other truck and automobile drivers to tell what you map to do. 

The signs make your motorcycle easier to spot on the street. Nearby automobile operators are likely to detect your bike’s flash.

Does Law require motorcycle turn Signals?

In the past, motorcycles were manufactured for generations without any signals. Due to the ever-rising accidents, there was a need to equip motorcycles with turn signals. 

How To Wire Turn Signals On A Motorcycle

The process of how to wire turn signals on a bike is discussed below-

• Disconnect the positive terminal from the battery. 

Follow by removing the stock turn signal assembly. However, do not attempt disconnecting it from the wiring harness at that particular time.

• The next step is examining the wiring. 

You need to take note of the ground and positive wiring. Also, note the number of wires present. It is good to note that all ground wires are either black or brown. Wire setups (3) allow turn signals to operate, when not active, like running lights.

• Follow by removing the factory wiring connector. The third wire should be sealed using electrical tape where you’re not using it. Use a wire stripping tool to remove ¼ of the shields on the remaining wires.

• Attach the negative and the positive wires to turn the corresponding signals wires. If available, use a butt connector to attach turn signals to the running light. Use crimping tools to crimp the connectors securely. Install the turn signal on the motorcycle.

• Since you’ve done this whole process on one side, consider repeating it on the other side. The battery’s negative signal should be reconnected. Test the turn signals for proper operation.


To legally ride a motorcycle, they should be wired with turn signals. It’s therefore vital to ensure that all your turn signals are properly working.

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