How to Winterize a Motorcycle [6Easy Steps]

To ensure your motorcycle is in tip-top condition when you want to use it, be sure to winterize your vehicle properly.

Here are several steps to help you make sure your motorcycle stays in good condition during winter:

Is it necessary to winterize a motorcycle?

Step 1

Warm up the motorcycle after your last ride until all the condensation from the exhaust on the motorcycle has dried. Fill the tank after your trip because unleaded gasoline can evaporate when it comes in contact with oxygen. This can create a potential residue that can clog carbohydrates.

Step 2

Remove all gasoline from the floating container after the engine has stopped. If the motorcycle is more than four years old, you should consider emptying the tank, as water can collect at the bottom of the tank and cause rust.

Step 3

Clean all components of the bicycle where water or dirt can accumulate. This is especially important with the shock, coolant and engine links, where dirt is more likely to accumulate.

Step 4

Make sure all electrical connectors are well lubricated, especially on motorcycles with many exposed components.

Step 5

If you intend to use your motorcycle during the winter months, attach fender extensions to the motorcycle to protect it from dirt and salt on the road. After every ride, wash off the salt or dirt and dry the motorcycle thoroughly. Tires need to be specially cared for during winter as they have to work harder, which is why winter tires are an excellent idea for cold weather.

Step 6

Make sure the drive chain is lubricated to prevent rust and that all pivot points are also lubricated. The toe clip shafts are especially important because they are likely to collect dirt and salt. When wear occurs for the first time, act immediately to not spread to other parts of the motorcycle.


These tips for wintering a motorcycle are not complete but provide a general guide to protecting your motorcycle during the colder months. Proper care and maintenance will ensure that your motorcycle will endure the winter and be in the perfect functional condition in the spring.

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