How to Wheelie A Motorcycle?

Wheelie is an impressive trick that you can do with your bike. It may look like one of the hardest maneuvers in motorcycle riding for those who do not know how to wheelie. Whether going up or downhill, you want to ensure that your motorcycle can perform these stunts.

The following are steps on how to Wheelie a Motorcycle-

1. Wear Safety Gear

Wear safety gear at all times, especially if you plan to do hardcore stunts with your bike. This might save your life in case of an accident during the performance. Remember not to go overboard while wheeling.

2. Adjust the Gears According To Your Body Size and Height

Using a bike whose gear is not suitable for your weight and height would be difficult to perform wheelie effectively. Adjust the engine settings according to your body size to control it better on all terrains. It might be hard but familiarizing yourself with your motorcycle’s behavior makes it easier.

3. Press the Brake

Press the front brake lever or lift the front end by using the handlebars. After making sure that there is no obstacle on your path, you can pull up the rear brakes.

4. Push the Pegs Down

Before pulling up the rear brakes, push down the pegs with both feet. This will help lower the center of gravity. In doing this, you are creating an incline that will give more leverage over your motorcycle and allow a greater wheelie height.

5. Pull the Rear Brake

Remember always to keep the rear brake lever pulled up while doing wheelies. If you let go of it, you will lose control of your motorcycle and fall off.

Summing Up

If you are looking forward to doing a wheelie on your bike, do not panic. Start with small steps that you feel comfortable repeatedly doing as you progress to complex steps.

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