How to Wear a Motorcycle Helmet With Long Hair?

We all love the great feeling of riding your bike with your hair blowing in the wind. However, a helmet is an essential piece of equipment that you need while riding your motorcycle.

Even as a professional rider, you want to keep your hair safe and out of your face while riding. Besides, it’s risky to ride with your hair blocking your view.

Are you a rider and want to know how to wear a motorcycle helmet with long hair without messing up or damaging your hair?

Below are the best four hairstyles tips that will save your hair and scalp problems while riding your bike.

Wrap Your Hair or Use Headscarves

Wraps and scarves prevent your hair from dust and rain while riding your bike. Also, they absorb the friction that causes damage to your hair.

Women can use the wraps and shawls, and men with long hair can use the do-rags

Braid Your Hair

They keep your hair intact and fit in well in a helmet. Braids also reduce the chances of the wind flipping your hair around.

Although braids are essentially for women and girls, men with long hair can tie their hair before wearing a helmet.

However, if you love the trendy look, you can prefer to leave your braids hanging at the back of your helmet.

Use of Ponytails

Ponytails are striking, and they keep your hair out of your face. Although it’s known to be girlish, it’s the best for you on the road with your bike.

To avoid curly ends on your hair, you can use elastic hair bands at different spots to curb the issue.

Use of Buns

Buns are the best and ideal hairstyle for any rider. They come with the comfortability and ease of wearing and removing your helmet without messing with your hair.

They also protect your hair from damage.

Wrap up

If your hair is long to be blown over by the wind, you can opt to shave the hair to make it short if you’re a fanatic bike rider.

Now it’s time to go for that long ride on your bike without worrying about your hair.

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