Easy Steps for Washing a Motorcycle

Can you imagine everybody staring at your motorbike in the streets just because of the visible dirt and stains all over its outer surface? That’s not a phenomenon you would want to encounter. This article helps you acquire general knowledge on how to wash a motorcycle by yourself, so read till the end.

Simple Steps for Washing a Motorcycle

Washing a motorcycle is important since it not only improves the appearance of your bike but also removes dirt and stains that can be detrimental to the condition of the motorcycle’s paint and metal surfaces, primarily through corrosion. Here is an easy procedure to make your motorbike look clean, thus enhancing its performance.

1.Identify all the Materials and Equipment that You Need

Ensure that you have at least two buckets, a sponge, a general-purpose detergent, a brush, and dry towels. If your motorcycle has a specific cleaner, you should use it instead of the general-purpose washing detergent.

2.Soak the Bike With Water

To effectively soak the bike with water, you can use a horse pipe or a bike-specific sprayer. The purpose of soaking is to soften the stains and dirt. When using water with soap, ensure one of the buckets has soapy water, and the other one has clean water for rinsing the sponge or brush.

3.Wash the Motorcycle In An Orderly Manner

Avoid washing all the parts of the bike at the same time. Therefore, take time to clean each section at a time. Remember to always begin with the upper parts of the motorbike as you go downwards. Rinsing of the sponge and brush should be done regularly during the cleaning process.

4.Final Rinsing and Drying

Using a horse pipe, rinse the motorcycle with running water until it is sparkling clean. In case compressed air is available, it can be a good way of drying. However, in this scenario, use a clean, dry towel. Remember to also clean and add a lubricant to the chain.

Concluding Statement

Always switch off the engine of your motorcycle before commencing any cleaning process. It is also important to wash the bike under a shade to prevent water evaporation during cleaning.

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