Lift your bike in 3 steps Using a Motorcycle Rear Wheel Stand

After a great road trip on your bike, you probably want to park your motorcycle in the garage and get some rest on the sofa. A motorcycle stand will help you park your bike in an upright position away from the wall and other items. It also helps to keep your bike stable when doing regular maintenance without fearing it will fall on you. Every motorcycle owner should learn how to use a motorcycle stand properly.

There are several types of stands available in the market-

which include but are not limited to:

• Center Stands which are permanently fixed under the bike’s framework at the midway

• Dirt Bike Box Stand

• Front Fork Stand

• Triple Tree Stand

• Rear and front wheel stands

• Portable Snap Jack

• Hydraulic Lift for heavy bikes such as a road king

• Motorcycle Dolly that keeps your bike steady while doing motorcycle

The above are the most common stands, and you can choose any of them depending on your bike and other needs. This guide will help you learn how to use a motorcycle rear wheel stand.

Place the rear stand. 

First, check whether your motorcycle has spools on the two sides of the swingarm. You will use the spools to place the stand. If your bike doesn’t have the spools, you can set the rear stand directly under the swingarm.

#01 Secure the stand

Support the bike vertically and push the stand onto the back of the motorcycle. The underside of the swingarm or the spools should be directly on top of the motorcycle stand.

#02 Lift the stand

Press the handle of the rear wheel stands down to life the motorcycle. Ensure the reaches the ground to provide maximum support. If you need to have the entire bike off the ground, install the front wheel stand.


As noted above, it is straightforward to use the rear wheel stand. Several rear-wheel motorcycle stands are available in the market that varies by brand, design, and accessories. Despite the variation, they all perform the same task. Always buy a durable stand from a reputable vendor.

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