Tips on Successful Transportation of a Motorcycle

If you want to transport your motorcycle safely, it is essential to be extra careful not to damage any part of the motorcycle. By the time you are done reading this article, you will have known how to transport a motorcycle by yourself. So, enjoy reading the rest of the article.

Transporting a Motorcycle Should Be Very Easy

Most riders want to control their motorbikes since they put so much value on them. So, the method of transporting a motorcycle depends on two things, namely;

  1. Whether you have a truck or trailer that is fully equipped to perform the task.
  2. How far do you want to transport the bike?

Let’s say you possess a truck or trailer by now. Below are the four simple steps you should follow.

  • Ensure the Motorcycle Has an Insurance Cover

This should be the primary step since the insurance company will be responsible for compensation in case of an accident during transit.

  • Ensure that the Trailer or Truck Is Adequately Equipped for Transporting Motorcycles

Some of the critical tools that you will require are the tank straps and a ramp. If you are using a trailer, ensure that the trailer has a metal bar running across the truck’s width since the motorcycle’s front feel needs something to push against.

  • Find a Second Party to Help You Load the Motorcycle

It is advisable and recommended that you find someone else who will help load the motorcycle on the truck or trailer for your safety. Get on the bike, switch the engine on and ride it up the slope onto the trailer. Switch the motorbike’s engine off and leave it on neutral gear.

  • Secure the Motorcycle on the Trailer

Now, using the tank straps, fasten the motorcycle against the trailer. Ensure that the points of strapping on the bike are solid thick places like the lower part of the triple clamp. The fork assembly is also an excellent strapping position.


Remember that for the successful transportation of a motorcycle, you need to invest in time and finances. This is particularly significant towards avoiding unnecessary damage to the motorcycle.

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