How to Tint Motorcycle Visor

Having the proper tinting on your visor can give you that exclusive and customized look. You’ll also be amazed by how much cooler you’ll stay on those sunny days out on the road. The kind of tint that works best largely depends on your style and the weather you have where you live.

The following are steps on how to tint motorcycle visor correctly.

Clean the Visor

Remove any stickers from the visor by pulling them off slowly and gently until they come off cleanly. Do not use any solvents or chemicals here, or you will ruin your visor. Don’t use this visor for riding or driving until you’ve applied the tinting sheets on it correctly.

Peel off Your Transparent Plastic Layer and Apply It Gently

You’ll want to take extra caution when doing this step because any small wrinkles can compromise its adhesive properties and make it impossible to pull off cleanly. Check out your anti-theft location. This is where you’ll apply your plastic layer next.

Put Your Tinting Sheets On Correctly and Clean Them Off

You should test out the specific location of your tint before sticking it down using some clear tape first. Finally, give it a quick clean with a damp cloth or weak washer solution. You do not want traces of dirt here – otherwise, you’ll be cleaning again later when it gets inside your visor. Make sure that there are no splashes from any liquids left behind from accidental spills either.

Check to See If Everything Is Good Before Putting It on the Cover Layer

Do a quick check of all sides and corners to ensure no bubbles, overlapping tint, or any other issues left behind. If it looks good enough to go on, don’t hesitate to finish your job by putting on your lens cover layer!

Finally, go ahead and reattach your visor back onto its home after cleaning off those leftover traces of tape or glue. Once it’s fully secured back into place, it is ready for use.

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