How to Tie Down a Motorcycle on a Trailer without a Chock

A motorcycle trailer is an essential tool when it comes to transporting motorcycles over long distances. Trying to figure out how to tie down your bike onto the trailer without a chock might be the most challenging thing. But don’t fret! You’ll soon find out that tying down your bike is much easier than you think once you start practicing.

The following are steps on How to tie down a motorcycle on a trailer without a chock-

1. Find the Suitable Straps and Ropes

Use a couple of straps on your bike for extra safety. This will prevent your bike from tipping over and keep it in place so that nothing gets damaged or falls off. The best straps are steel ratcheting straps. They offer the best possible security.

2. Locate Tying Points

Find all the necessary attaching points on your motorcycle. You should use metal hooks for better durability and strength. They will provide enough resistance to hold everything together without letting go under any circumstances.

3. Attach Straps

Once you have located all the required tying points, strap your bike tightly using both ratcheting straps and metal loops. Ensure that the front wheel remains firm on the ground. Don’t tie anything directly to the exhaust pipes, as it could damage them. Ensure no sharp objects nearby that might damage your bike or get tangled in the ropes.

4. Secure the Handlebars

This is done to prevent your bike from tipping over when you make a sharp turn. Ensure you strap down handlebars using ratcheting straps as well for added security.

5. Tighten Everything Properly

Once all the steps have been completed, it’s time to tighten all the metal hooks and straps one more time. Nothing must get loose during transport, so be sure to check that everything is tied in place securely.


Loading a motorcycle on a trailer without a chock can be dangerous if not done in the right way. Follow all these steps and properly secure your bike before transporting it.

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