How to Stop on a Motorcycle [Expert Advice]

If you are a new motorcyclist, you might have been faced with the challenge of braking your motorcycle, but you don’t know how to do it. You might be a veteran too, but braking your motorcycle becomes hard at times. Unlike manual cars where you brake and come to a stop, motorcycles have a sequential gearbox making it hard to stop.

So, what do experts say on how to stop on a motorcycle the right way? Read on.

Ensure Handlebars are Straight

You should see to it that your handlebars are not leaning and are straight. This is the first thing you should do if you want to stop. For the motorcycle to stop, it has to be fully upright. 


With the bike fully upright and the bars straight, pressurize the rear brakes and those at the front. Bikers often fail to use the front and rear, hence increasing the braking length. Be sure to brake smoothly so that your brake continuously and gradually. You should not reach for the brakes and squeeze them in the shortest time possible-brake smoothly and constantly.

After you brake, the heaviness of the bike will move forward to the front part of the bike. Whenever the motorcycle’s weight moves, the content patch of the front tire is improved, increasing the amount of braking power and improving the traction of the motorcycle.

Head and Eyes Should Remain Up

Focus on the horizon. Looking up will enable you to remain more stable as you keep balance. Also, as you keep your eyes up, remember to check the mirrors and make the right decision quickly. 

Stopping on a Motorcycle is Easy

Motorcyclists need to practice regularly to ensure they can brake naturally even in a panic situation. If a rider finds it hard to brake even after reading different guides, it is recommended to go for training. The more you know about stopping a motorcycle, the safer you are. 

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