How To Start A Motorcycle Without A Key

Ever heard the saying, “the more you care, the more you lose?” For instance, the keys to your motorcycle. For any motorcycle lover, losing a key is not a small matter. This is the reason you habitually miss out on urgent work or fun adventures.

However, the good news is that you can always start your motorcycle without a key, and the process is quite straightforward. So, curious to know how to start a motorcycle without a key?

Located The Wiring System

The first thing you need to do is to locate the wiring system and find three wires entangled in a sleeve. They usually come in different colors.

Find the Socket and Separate its Two Parts

While looking for wires with the help of a handlebar, you must find the three wires enveloped as a bundle. These wires primarily connect the ignition system to other key components of the motorcycle.

To confirm that you have the right wires, check that they are coming out of the adjacent side of the cap. Choose the cap that attaches directly to the ignition. Technically, a motorcycle has two caps – one coming from the cap and another that joins the handlebars.

This is why you must detach the two caps because you don’t need the wires connecting to the handlebars in this case.

Plug The Speaker Wire into The Socket

This is the most important step in the entire hotwiring process. For one, the speaker wires are the ones responsible for igniting your motorcycle.

Now that you have detached the two caps to secure the socket insert the speaker wires into the socket.

Insert one end of the wire into the socket, followed by the other. It is always advisable to use long wires – at least 3 inches long.

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