How to start a motorcycle with a screwdriver

Motorcycle riders, just like anyone else, tend to lose or even forget the whereabouts of their keys. This becomes a worrying situation, especially when using a motorcycle to run an errand or undertake any other activity. Even though the motorcycle ignition system is designed to be started using key other alternatives can accomplish the same purpose. A good example is using a screwdriver to start a motorcycle when the rider cannot access their keys.

Steps to follow on How do you start a motorcycle with a screwdriver?

Almost every other home has a toolbox with a screwdriver and hammer. To start a motorcycle using a screwdriver, the following steps should be followed in detail.

• In the motorcycle ignition barrel, slip the screw as deep as possible while leaving its tip.

• Using a claw hammer, pull out the screw in order to ensure the ignition barrel is halfway out. The screw will be pulled in the same manner a nail is pulled from wood using the claws of the hammer.

• A strong flat-headed screwdriver is then inserted in the remaining ignition barrel hole and tilted gently until the motorcycle lights are noticed. This is an indication that the sterling lock is disabled.

• Lastly, the motorcycle should be pushed down the road before pressing the electric start to start the engine and continue driving.


Starting a motorcycle using a screwdriver is very simple if you understand the entire process. The process should only be used when the motorcycle owner does not have access to the key and need to use the motorcycle urgently. However, the process should not be used to steal motorcycles, resulting in a criminal offense. Motorcycle drivers will always need to ensure that a strong screwdriver is part of your toolbox, as you never know when the need arises. 

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