How to Start a Motorcycle That Has Been Sitting For Two Years

A bike stored for more than one year might have issues starting because of the corrosion during its storage period. However, having no experience with motorcycles can make it hard to know the steps to start it again.

This article contains six steps on how to start a motorcycle that has been sitting for two years-

1. Inspect Your Bike

It is essential to note the kind of bike you have. Some bikes are prone to rust, and it could take months before ridding again after they were left idle. Check where you store your bike to avoid corrosion issues later on.

2. Change The Oil And Clean Your Bike

None of the protection methods will guarantee that your bike won’t get damaged during storage. Clean your motorcycle and remove all the debris and rust. Drain the old gas and fill it with fresh fuel.

3. Clean Up the Engine

Remove all parts which might be dirty or rusty since these can affect the way the engine functions. You will also need to oil all the moving parts to function well when you start it again.

4. Check the Battery

Check the battery for any signs of corrosion or cracks to prevent accidents. If there are, replace it with a new one and charge it before reassembling your motorcycle. If your bike uses high-energy storage batteries, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for maintenance as this can help prolong its life.

5. Install a Carburetor Cleaner

Attach a carburetor cleaner to your air intake tube before starting up the engine. This will help remove any moisture in your fuel tank and prevent engine damage for better performance of your motorcycle.

6. Start Slowly

After you finish everything stated above:

  • Try starting your engine.
  • Move the throttle slowly to prevent flooding.
  • Wait for a few minutes just in case there is a buildup of fuel vapor until it eventually stops.

These signs indicate that it has appropriately started again!

Summing Up

Even if your bike has been idle for two years, you can still revive it. This step-by-step guide will help you to start your motorcycle again.

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