Quick Guide on how to sell a motorcycle

Owning a motorcycle is an excellent investment whether you use it for leisure, work, or racing. Motorcycles are cheaper to maintain and very convenient in a busy town with traffic compared to cars. However, you may want to dispose of the bike for good or upgrade to a better version. In such a case, you may be wondering how to go about it. 

This article provides a step-by-step guide on how to sell a motorcycle-

1. Clean and Repair your Bike

Clean your motorcycle thoroughly with soap and water; it should be sparkling clean. Please take it to the mechanic for a comprehensive check-up and repair. Take a road test to confirm your bike is in good condition.

2. Take Photos

Get a high-quality camera and take your motorcycle to a serene and open field with a captivating background. Take photos from different angles to ensure crucial parts of the bike are visible. Sort them out, select the best and save them on your device.

3. Research Market Prices

Visit eCommerce sites and Facebook marketplaces and search for similar bikes on sale. Identify several motorcycles and their respective market price. Take the average price, and if you are okay with that price, it’s time to market your bike.

4. Market Your Bike

Let your friends, colleagues, and family know you are selling your bike and its specific features. Identify the best eCommerce sites and online marketplaces, list the motorcycle, and attach your photos, bike details, and contacts.

5. Get Your Documents and Sell the motorcycle

After a few hours or days, you will likely get offers from a potential buyer. Decide who to sell to and meet the buyer in the company of a friend. Let the buyer take a road test within a field. Take cash payment or a counter check, sign a sale agreement, and exchange applicable documents. Mark your bike as sold where you had listed it and notify your insurance company.


Follow the above Guide, and you will sell your motorcycle in a short period. Be aware of online scammers and cons who may want to defraud your bike while masquerading as genuine buyers. Happy selling!

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