How To Sell A Motorcycle On Craigslist [5 Easy steps]

Do you want to sell your bike for quick cash or want to upgrade to a new one? Well, look no further than craigslist: one of the best eCommerce websites where you can buy or sell a bike, among many other things. You may be wondering, how does craigslist work? Well, this article will guide you on how to sell a motorcycle on craigslist.

1. Prepare the Bike

Take your bike to the mechanic for repair and ensure it is in good condition. If it needs fresh paint, then do it. Painting may help raise the value of your bike. Then clean it up and ensure every part is in order.

2. Take Clear pictures

Photos are the key selling point. Take your bike to a beautiful landscape, align it with an excellent background and set it up for the photoshoot. Get a good camera and take photos from different angles to show all essential bike areas.

3. Create a craigslist account and post the bike

Creating a craigslist account is free and will only take you a few minutes. Fill in the required details and create a posting of your motorcycle. Upload your picture and provide detailed information about the bike, such as the price and bike location, among others.

4. Wait for the call

If you have set up everything the right way with the potential buyer in mind, it won’t take long before getting calls with different offers. Beware of scammers and cons.

5. Sell your motorcycle and take off the listing.

Filter the offers and only invite a few serious potential buyers to view and test the motorcycle. Once you identify the final buyer, let a friend accompany you during the transaction date as a witness and backup.

Prepare all the necessary documents and ensure you write a sale agreement signed by all parties. It is recommended that you accept cash payments only. You can do large transactions via the bank but let the bank confirm the check is legit before you sign or give out the bike.


Selling on craigslist is straightforward; you only need a phone with a good camera and internet. You can quickly sell your bike at the comfort of your home.

Happy Selling!

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