How to Rivet a Motorcycle Chain?

A riveted chain will last longer than an assembled chain which can be pulled apart by hand under normal riding conditions. A rivet is a permanent mechanical fastener.

The following are steps on how to rivet a motorcycle chain-

1. Clean the Chain

Clean the chain and rivet area with diesel or kerosene to remove any surface rust and oil on exposed areas. This removes impurities that may cause the new rivets to fail to hold properly during the final assembly.

2. Install a Thread Locker

Place a drop of Medium Strength Thread locker on each side of all holes where you will insert a new rivet. The thread locker should be applied directly between the hole and the pin nipple head before inserting into both sides.

3. Insert a New Stainless Steel Pin

Place a steel pin into one side of the chain-link and screw it together tightly. Ensure to keep pressure on both sides of the pin to align it to the perfect position. Use your hands to tighten them until you have an even gap all around.

4. Drill the Rivet Link

Drill through one side of the chain rivet link on both sides of the rivet pin. If done correctly, you should see a small amount of thread locker oozing out around the hole where the pin is inserted. This indicates that it has filled all gaps between the threads. This helps hold everything in place while inserting a new rivet.

5. Insert a Rivet Setter and Press

Once your chain is assembled, mount the whole assembly into a vise. Use your hands to apply pressure on both sides while you slowly screw in each new rivet with a Rivet Setter. Be sure not to crush the head of the pin when tightening to avoid distortion of its shape.

6. Reassemble Chain and Sprocket

Put the chain back together, reattach your sprockets, tighten them up, and then install them on your bike.


Riveting is not an easy task for the novice mechanic. It takes some practice and patience to get it right. If done correctly, you will end up with a stronger chain than ever before.

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