How to Repair Motorcycle? 5 Proven Tips

Starting out, you should learn how to repair motorcycle smaller sections first, such as handlebars, mirrors, fuel tank cap or gas cap, battery box/cover, side-covers or plastic panels, and so forth.

This will minimize any confusion you might have later when working on larger components like engine & transmission casings area, body, and other important parts.

Check for Oil Leaks

To check for oil leaks, remove the oil cap and look inside. If you see a puddle of oil, you may need to replace your gasket or destroy it completely.

Evaluate Your Tires

Evaluate your tires with a visual inspection to make sure that they are in good shape. Check the wear out on the side and look at how much tread is left on them.

Be careful not to get any dirt stuck inside your tire while inspecting it because this will cause a flat tire once you take off again.

Also, if there appear to be bubbles inside or around the tread, this could indicate a nail or another foreign object has entered it.

Check the Brakes

Check if your brakes are working by applying pressure on them while going downhill slowly at a speed of about 10 km/h.

If you feel as though it does not work properly, stop immediately and assess the situation.

Check the Chain

After checking the brakes, adjust your chain tension so that it tightens up correctly when going uphill but comes off without any problems when going downhill or stopping. This will ensure that your chain does not snap or come off while you are riding it.

Check the Gears

Adjust the gear and check for any problems. Ensure you can move it up and down without too much hassle and any of the gears shifting, changing or locking in place.

If it works properly, you do not need to worry about anything else, but you will have to fix it if there is something wrong.

Final Thoughts

You should conduct these checks at least once after you make a long trip. Also, replace any damaged part of the bike with spare parts from a similar make and model.

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