How to Remove Scratches from Motorcycle Windshield?

Motorcycle windshields are subjected to a lot of pressure from the air during a ride. They become scratched quite quickly over time. Scratches impair your vision, and you may not be able to see clearly at high speed or in bad weather conditions.

The followings are steps on how to remove scratches from motorcycle windshields-

1. Collect All the Tools You Need

You need a good quality hard-bristled brush, an alcohol spray, polish, and some microfiber make-up clothes. Ensure they are clean for better working.

2. Clean the Windshield

Clean the screen with mild soap and lukewarm water. Use a microfiber cloth to clean. Mild soaps, water, and flannels prevent small cracks during the cleaning process. Rinse the cleaner off thoroughly using freshwater.

3. Dry the Windshield

Dry the windshield in an area free from moisture and direct sunlight using a soft towel. Never use scotch tape or abrasive cleaner to remove minor scratches from your windscreen. This can make the damage worse and compromise its quality.

4. Use Alcohol Spray

Use alcohol spray on the area where you wish to remove the scratches. Polish gently using circular motions so that the area becomes moist. Alcohol dries out and evaporates quickly, so there is no risk of moisture damage to your screen. This process will effectively eliminate any scratch marks on its surface.

5. Use a Polish

Apply a layer of transparent polish on top of the area you wish to remove scratches. Allow it to dry for approximately 15-30 minutes. Polish with circular motions again but in the opposite direction. This final touch should leave your windscreen looking brand new.


Removing the scratches from your windshield can protect you from possible accidents. It is essential to keep it in good condition and have the scratches removed as soon as possible. Use the above steps to remove scratches from your motorcycle.

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