How To Remove Motorcycle Gas Tank

As an experienced rider, you probably know how to remove a motorcycle gas tank. However, if you are a beginner, here is how you should do it.

Make sure the bike is in a stable position

You don’t want to experience a scenario where the motorcycle falls and gets damaged when removing the gas tank. Therefore, make sure the ground is solid and use the motorbike’s stand to secure it. You can also secure the motorcycle using a lift or the wheel stands.

Empty the tank

Before removing the tank, ensure that it does not have any fuel. You can achieve this through siphoning.

Remove fairings and the seat

Remember that you don’t have to remove these, but you may remove them for purposes of increasing the working space. Depending on the bike, removing these two components may require a slight push or unscrew of bolts.

Unscrew the tank bolts

This process is easy as you have to locate the bolts and remove them. At this point, you should not remove the tank yet.

Separate the gas lines from the fuel pump

Start by getting rid of the excess pressure in the fuel lines. You will achieve this by first unplugging the connector. Then you should switch the engine on to drain any remaining fuel. Note that the fuel will not get into the lines since the fuel pump is off. Then switch off the engine and connect back the fuel pump.

Disengage the main fuse and the fuel line

This is a safety measure, so locate and disconnect the motorcycle’s main fuse and the fuel line.

Detach the overflow tubes from the tank

The tubes can be one or two depending on the type of motorcycle. Ensure you have disengaged them from the tank.

Take out the tank 

Pull the tank out of its location carefully while checking if there is any additional connection.


Always ensure you consult the motorcycle’s manual to properly locate all the motorcycle components that have been mentioned in each step.

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