How to Plug a Motorcycle Tire

Motorcycle safety is essential to safe riding. It is always important to ensure that tires are in good shape, as a punctured tire can lead to several problems on the road. It could be because you lose balance, wobble, or skid out of control on your bike. Therefore it’s vital to plug motorcycle tires before they go flat.

Here are four steps on how to plug a motorcycle tire quickly and effectively-

#01 Use a Correct Plug

There are many plugs for motorcycle tires. Some are made of synthetic rubber, others from a combination of different materials. Some of them are better than others, choose a high-quality one. Professional plugs usually last longer than cheaper tires. Use them for your motorcycle to perform optimally.

#02 Check the Hole In Your Motorcycle Tire

Before you plug the hole in your motorcycle tire:

  • Check it first.
  • Inspect the inside of your tire for any sharp object that caused the puncture.
  • If something strong is sticking out, use pliers to grab it and carefully pull it out.

#03 Clean the Hole

Check if there is any foreign material around the hole, such as leaves or dirt. Remove debris from your tire using a brush or any other cleaning material. Be sure that the gap is clean. Otherwise, your plug won’t adhere well to the inner surface of your tire.

#04 Plug the Hole in Your Motorcycle Tire

Many professional plugs are already prepared for use before you buy them. Insert it into the hole carefully. Try not to push it too hard to avoid another puncture. Better plugs are designed with a thin rubber tip. So they quickly adapt to the shape of the inside of the tire. The professional plug stays firmly in place without the need for additional support, such as glue.

Summing Up

When you finish the process, you can safely use your motorcycle again! Be sure to keep the speed reasonable to avoid heating the material inside the tire.

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