How to Paint Motorcycle Helmet?

Motorcycle helmets are the most popular choice of headwear among bikers. Although it may seem impossible, painting your motorcycle helmet can be a straightforward process.

Below are five steps on how to paint a motorcycle helmet-

01 Get All The Items That You Require.

Prepare your paint supplies. The primary ingredients needed are: Paint – choose one made for use on plastic or polycarbonate surfaces. You can use this paint for many auto body-shop projects and Acetone. It is a common solvent for thinning or cleaning up. In addition, you will also need some rags, paper towels, tissues, and a brush.

02 Prepare the Helmet for Painting

Remove all the removable parts of the helmet, like visors or face shields. It would be best to have them off. You don’t want to risk modifying or damaging these parts during subsequent steps within this process. Take out the lining inside the helmet and clean the surface of your motorcycle helmet.

03 Base Coating

Prepare the base coat by mixing paint and water in a container until they are well blended. The base coat of your helmet’s new look depends on how thorough you are in this process. Stir briskly and spread evenly on the helmet with a brush or sponge. Ensure you dry the paint off completely before moving on to the next step. There should be no wet parts when doing the second coating.

04 Second Coating

Add another color using a wooden cracker or any other stiff brush. Crackers are great tools for bringing about peaks with paint because they can easily create a texture like leather jackets. Brush the peaks evenly and let them dry completely.

05 Top Coating

Add your third layer of top coating to make sure everything is covered by paint properly. You can give it time to dry, and it will be ready for use.

Lastly, Wash the helmet with gentle soap and warm water until you thoroughly clean off all soiled areas. Let the lining dry. Then you can fix the visors back onto your helmet and wear it once again!

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