How to Measure Motorcycle Handlebars?

Before you adjust motorcycle handlebars, you need to be sure that they are in their proper position. You should know where your handlebars are and what kind of adjustments will be required.

Here are five tips on how to measure motorcycle handlebars-

1. Determine the Position of the Handle Bars

Measure from the floorboard to the crossbar. If you notice that the handlebars are too low that your wrists bend upwards while holding in a normal riding position. You need to raise them.

2. Measure Your Swing Arm

If you think that your frame is not long enough for your bike, lift it to check over the length of the motorbike swing arm. Measure distance between the center of the steering stem hole and where they rest on top of the frame. When you want to purchase new handlebars, they should exactly match with the measurement that you have.

3. Note Handlebar Height from the Ground

Determine this by sitting on a motorcycle and placing your hands on the handlebars in a normal riding position. Ensure that you are comfortable with your arms bend at approximately 90-degrees while grasping onto each end of the handlebars. Measure the distance between the ground and where your wrists rest on top of the handlebars. If this measurement does not fall within a range of 1to 3 inches, then adjust accordingly using different risers.

4. Find Your Preferred Handlebar Width and Style

You will need to choose the style of your motorcycle handlebar, the particular width, and the space enough for legs while riding on it.

5. Measure Tip To Tip Length

Measure the distance from where each end of your motorbike hand levers extends from a center point at the bottom. This measurement shows you the distance from one side to another.

Summing Up

Now you know how to measure motorcycle handlebars and what size you need, then go ahead and buy them!

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