How to Make Motorcycle Exhaust Sound Deeper

Many bikers have questions on how to make motorcycle exhaust sound deeper. The answer is not as complicated as expected; it requires mechanical knowledge and properly executed modifications.

The following are five ways on how to make motorcycle exhaust sound deeper-

1. Add a High-Performance Engine

A high-performance engine will make your motorcycle engine produce a deeper sound. A significant way to do this is to add multiple cylinders. Install new parts of high performance rather than those of the original manufacturer.

2. Air Box Modification

By modifying the air box, you can enhance the deep throaty sound coming from your exhaust pipe. You can do this by letting out all the trapped air in the intake using a screwdriver.

This modification will work best if you have already installed an exhaust muffler with a bigger tubing diameter. This creates more sound resonance due to the larger surface area.

3. Crossover Modification

Straighten your Crossover pipe and cut off about 2 inches from its length. This will help decrease pressure inside the exhaust manifold. It will make your engine sound more aggressive when you reach high RPMs. You can only do this if you have a muffler with a more extensive diameter tubing length.

4. Install A Slip-On Muffler

A slip-on exhaust system is simple to install, and it can give your motorcycle engine a deeper sound if installed correctly. Open up the air box after installing an open-type exhaust system, especially when you are already using high-performance fuel. This ensures that it does not get sucked back into the intake by closing off all openings.

5. Get Free-Flowing Pipes

Installing free-flowing pipes makes your motorcycle sound louder when you are riding. The pipes allow more air to escape from them. This lowers decibel output, which delivers a deeper tone for your motorcycle.

Summing Up

A deeper motorcycle exhaust sound is not hard to achieve. These five tips should get the job done for you. You only need to do some modifications to your motorcycle’s engine and exhaust system.

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