How to Lock Helmet to Motorcycle?

A Helmet is one of the essential accessories of a motorcycle that you should have. It protects your head in case of a crash and helps other motorists to see you on the road. It also offers protection from debris and wind during long rides.

The following are steps on how to lock the helmet to a motorcycle-

#01 Choose the Right Place

Choose a firm place where your helmet will not be shaken or gaped during the ride. It would be best to secure your helmet with solid attachments, which can provide safety during a long journey. Choose a place that will be easily accessible when you want to take the helmet off the bike.

#02 Check the Fastening System for Proper Working

Before you attach your helmet to the motorcycle, check if the fastening system is working. Be sure that the latches are fully functional so that your helmet will not fall in case of a sudden stop or braking.

Remove some parts of your helmet, such as goggles, glasses, or face shields, before mounting it on your bike. This is to help get easy access when attaching a helmet to your motorcycle. Lock the Helmet to Your Motorcycle
First, secure one end of the strap around a substantial part of your bikes, such as the footpeg or handlebars. Once you’ve done this, secure another end around any other solid area on your bike that is far from where you’re locking it in place. You should use a separate lock for each anchor point.

#03 Hang It Properly

Once you’ve successfully locked the helmet to your motorcycle, ensure that the straps are taut. This ensures the anchor points won’t move if someone tries to pull it or twist it hard. There should not be any shake or looseness in the strap.

Summing up

If you are constantly losing your helmet, this is the perfect way to prevent it from being stolen again. Remember to check the position of your helmet after fastening it on your motorcycle. Make sure your helmet fits comfortably without any gaps in between its parts.

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