How to Get Motorcycle License in NJ

A motorcycle license is required by New Jersey law if you are aged 17 or older and want to ride on public roads. For those who are 18 or older, you will need a parent’s permission. To obtain a motorcycle permit, you must pass a written knowledge test and practice riding for three months or six months. After completing a basic rider course, you can then work toward a full license. After passing the written knowledge test, you will need probationary driving privileges and additional road tests.

Basic Rider Course

To get your license, you must pass the basic rider course. The state requires that you be at least seventeen years of age and have permission from a parent or legal guardian. A Basic Rider Course is composed of five hours of classroom instruction and 10 hours of motorcycle riding exercises. This course will teach you basic motorcycle safety and how to properly handle a motorcycle. A Basic Rider Course completion card is issued to you once you have successfully completed the course.

Written knowledge test

It is important to practice for the Written Knowledge Test (WKT) to get your motorcycle license in New Jersey. A lot of people fail this test because they don’t study properly. However, it is possible to make the test easier by downloading a motorcycle DMV practice test app. These apps come with a variety of questions, including how to handle motorcycle controls and riding in traffic. They also provide pictures and graphs for practice.

Practice rides

In order to get your New Jersey motorcycle license, you must complete at least three practice rides before you can take your state examination. These rides are meant to give you the experience needed to become a fully-fledged motorcyclist. If you are under 21, you must take these rides before you can take the test. If you are over 21, you may complete them after you have completed your motorcycle training. Fortunately, many approved motorcycle schools offer these courses.

Motorcycle endorsement

If you have your driver’s license, you can add a motorcycle endorsement to it. First, you must have completed a Basic Rider Course. This course consists of five hours of classroom instruction and ten hours of riding exercises. After completing the course, you can take your road test for a motorcycle endorsement. Then, you can take a practical test to get your motorcycle endorsement. You can also earn your endorsement in a few different ways.


If you are planning to buy a motorcycle, you will need to understand the requirements to get a New Jersey motorcycle license. In this state, you can either get a motorcycle license or add a motorcycle endorsement to your standard driver’s license. A motorcycle license is required by law in New Jersey, and you must be 17 years old. If you are not yet 18, you must have the consent of a legal guardian to purchase a motorcycle. You also need to pass a vision and knowledge test.

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