How to Draw a Motorcycle Helmet

Drawing a motorcycle helmet is fun and easy. You don’t need any special skills as you can draw step by step using a pencil and eraser. The following are tips on how to draw a motorcycle Helmet.

1. Sketch the Main Shape

Use a pencil to sketch out the main shape of your motorcycle helmet. This will give you a guideline of what you expect to draw.

2. Draw the Visor

Draw the visor at the front of your helmet. The visor is a transparent piece of glass, so whatever you draw must be visible. The size of your drawing and your visor must match completely. Otherwise, this part won’t look fabulous!

There are many designs and shapes for visors. Take a little time on this part, don’t hurry because this is something fundamental.

3. Draw Protection Glasses

Draw two pieces of face protection glasses where they must be located in your helmet. Draw trim dash lines on the sides of the helmet. These trim lines are seen when reflected by the sun.

4. Add a Design

This can be any design or symbol that you like and feel very comfortable using. Add a motorcycle helmet graphic above the visor. This will make your drawing look more realistic and simple.

Add two decorative side pieces for the motorcycle helmet onto each side of its head curve. Ensure that those pieces have been appropriately placed to match perfectly with one another.

5. Add More Details

Draw two dash lines on each side of the edge of the drawing. Draw some wiring where they are located, generally in the helmet. Add four ventilation holes on the top part of the helmet. These holes are used for releasing warm air out from under the helmet. Draw some air vents on the side of your helmet to make this part more realistic.

Summing Up

Drawing a motorcycle helmet needs proper preparation and patience. If you follow these steps well, you will have a fantastic motorcycle helmet drawing.

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