A Beginner’s 7 Step Guide to Achieve a Perfect Motorcycle Burnout

If you are a motorcycle enthusiast, you must have seen bikers doing a burnout which is pretty impressive and exciting to watch. While it may look complicated and risky, there is an easy and safe way to do it. The following is a step-by-step guide on how to do a burnout on a motorcycle that is standing still:

1. Safety first

Wear proper safety gear and ensure that your bike is serviced and the front brakes are functional. If you are doing it for the first time, practice in an open field, and if possible, have a professional around for support.

2. Mount the bike

Keep both feet on the ground to enhance your stability and reduce the weight exerted on it. Too much weight will increase traction, and the bike may move forward during burnout.

3. Start the motorcycle

Ensure the bike is in neutral gear. Start the engine and let it warm up. Ensure the temperature gauge’s dial is at least halfway before you start the burnout. .

4. Engage the clutch and front brakes

Pull the clutch lever all the way in, and don’t release it. Then pull the brake lever in and keep a tight grip on it.

5. Engage the gear

Engage the first gear and lean forward slightly to ensure minimum weight on the rear tire. Then twist down the throttle slowly to rev up the engine gradually while holding the front brakes. Rev up until the dial reaches at least half the acceleration gauge.

6. Release the clutch to start the burnout

Release all your fingers from the clutch at once and let it go in one motion. The motorcycle engine will engage the first gear, and the rear wheel will start spinning on the surface. Increase the speed for a few minutes to create a plume of smoke.

7. Engage the clutch again and let go of the throttle to end the burnout.

Do not release the front brake until the rear wheel stops spinning.


Motorcycle burnout is one of the most exciting and impressive skills you should learn. Keep practicing until you feel you have complete control of your bike and have overcome fear. Then call your friends and showcase your new skill.

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