How to Clean Motorcycle Rims?

Motorcycle rim cleaning is an art of its own. It takes much concentration, skill, and time to achieve the expected results. Here are some simple steps which would help you clean your motorcycle rims effectively:

Start With a Fresh Surface

Start by washing off all the dirt and grime from the rim with water or coolant, and then wipe it dry using a paper towel. This ensures that you don’t get any grit on the tire while cleaning it later in the process.

Soak Your Tools with Soapy Water

Use a mild detergent and soak your washing cloth in it before using it to clean tires. This ensures that there is no soap left behind when cleaning.

Cleaning Tires

Now start cleaning the tires, applying circular strokes with light pressure. Work along each spoke, too, and don’t forget to wring out excess liquid from your sponge after every stroke. Any extra liquid might drip into rims during drying if not cleaned out properly at this stage!

Cleaning Rims

At this point, all your efforts would be to get the tires completely clean and dry. Once it’s done, you can now move onto the rim cleaning part itself. This step requires a lot of concentration, skill, and time so please do not hurry!

First, wipe off any excess tire cleaner from rims and then take out scouring pads or rough abrasives. Scrubbing by hand is much better than using wheel brushes while doing rim cleaning. Start cleaning with circular strokes. Take care that your fingers do not touch the surface of rims, as this would result in the chipping off of a clear coat on your rim faces.

As you scrub along the entire surface, you will start noticing a black film appearing on them. This is brake dust and is a sure sign that your job has been done well! Wipe all this away with a wet cloth or paper towels until no more traces of brake dust are left.

Now take out a clean cloth and wipe the rim to dry it up. Repeat the process for other wheels too, and enjoy squeaky clean tires and rims!

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